Sup email client keybindings and filters

Lately I've been playing with Sup, a geeky console-based email client written in Ruby. I've used it enough to understand it and settle in a bit, but unfortunately also enough to realize that it's probably not right for me. Along the way, though, I've done some work with keybindings and message filters that I'd like to share with you.

Before I get to that, though, a brief review of Sup. What first attracted me to Sup was the fact that it's written in Ruby (with fairly clean code, from what I've seen), and has a fairly extensive system of hooks for customizing and extending the client behavior (the hooks are also written in Ruby). Also, it has a nice label-based filing system and powerful search utilities (a la Gmail), rather than the tired old folders metaphor. It runs in the console and is entirely keyboard driven, the workflow is pretty quick and easy, and you compose messages in the text editor of your choice (emacs, vim, etc.).

Those are the strong points, for me. Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that made me decide to look elsewhere. Foremost is the console-based interface using Curses, which holds it back in a variety of ways. One issue I ran into was that there's no way to define keybindings that use the Alt key; Curses simply doesn't support that. Sup also doesn't seem to be able to render non-Latin characters, which is occasionally an issue for me. And naturally, being console-based, modern luxuries like HTML mail and previews of attached images are out of the question.

So, Sup turns out not to be my cup of tea after all. But, maybe it is yours, so I'll share the fruits of my brief foray.

Anyway, if you use Sup, I hope you will find this stuff useful. As for myself, I will miss Sup's labels and easy searching, but it's time to continue my quest for a well-fitting email client. Next on my list to try is Wanderlust. If you have any recommendations for other clients to try, leave a comment!


If you liked parts of sup and you like emacs, maybe notmuch is closer to what you are looking after.

Hallo! Your page on keybindings seems to have been lost when they moved the wiki to GitHub. You don't happen to have a copy laying around or an example config line or two of how to rebind a key do you?

Before I started hacking on the code itself, just thought I'd ask! Thanks!

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