Screenshot of Droplet

I'm pleased to present my entry to the RubyWeekend #3 game competition: Droplet. From the README:

Droplet is a small musical toy created by John Croisant in 72 hours over the weekend of June 26-28, 2009 for the third RubyWeekend game creation competition.

The theme of the competition was “A Tiny World”. The inspiration for Droplet comes from photographs that people have commonly described as “tiny worlds”: droplets of water, and the small plants and fungi that grow underfoot.

Initially, Droplet was going to feature both plants and creatures interacting in their tiny droplet world, but I abandoned plans for the creatures due to time constraints. So, what's left is abstract, rainbow colored plants that sing when you tickle them!


The controls are simple:

To run Droplet, you will need Ruby 1.8.6 (1.9 might work), Rubygame 2.5.2 (with SDL_gfx, SDL_image, and SDL_mixer support), and Gamebox 0.0.4.

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