It's a brand new blog(s)!

You may notice that something seems different around here. Today I migrated my blog from that crusty old Typo to the shiny new Mephisto! Most things are working well, but excuse the dust.

You might also notice that the Rubygame posts have vanished mysteriously! Well, in fact, they have been moved to…the new Rubygame blog!

I've been sitting on the domain name for a while now, but I was never sure what to do with it. But then I figured, “Hey, let's put all the Rubygame news on that domain, and use for my other projects and personal stuff!” Evenutally, I'm also going to set up a copy of the documentation and downloads on, as well.

And it gets cooler: both blogs are running from the same Mephisto instance, using its multi-site feature! Pretty slick.

But wait, there's more! Within the next day, everything will be using Mongrel, so it'll load nice and fast.

Good news all around! … well, except for the old RSS and Rubygame post links not working.

P.S. I've tried to keep all the article URLs the same, with moderate success. Unfortunately, the old RSS feed link doesn't work anymore. But that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. Maybe I can set up a redirect to fix that. I'm also trying to get monthly archives listen in the sidebar, etc. etc. Also, the domain change for the Rubygame posts means that links to them at this domain will fail. Blech. I'll see if I can set up redirects for that, too.

Update: I found a redirect solution on BlogFish. Hurray! Sorry for flooding your RSS readers, though.

P.P.S. You might be wondering what happened to my plans to use Radiant, since I was hacking on the Radiant-Comments extension earlier this week. Radiant is a really cool platform, but the extensions just aren't solid enough for me to set up a proper blog without a lot of work. Maybe some day, I'll switch this blog over to Radiant (and break the RSS feed again ;-) ) but in the meantime I needed a working setup, and Mephisto provided that with a minimum of fuss.

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