Testing the Git Waters

Apparently, Git is the new hotness, and Github is liquid hotness concentrate, with pulp. Or, so I hear. Rails users seem to like it, anyway. ;)

You can blame Piotr for bringing it to my attention, and then radiant-comments for giving me an excuse to dip my foot in.

I did some browsing online, and it seemed pretty neat (yay for branching), but I wasn't quite grokking the process. Luckily, I had some old PeepCode credits lying around, so I took a look at their Git tutorial screencast. The three main things I got out of the screencast were:

  1. Learned about the ‘tree’ utility for *nix. (Huh, never knew about that one before! Handy.)
  2. Got a better handle on how you do stuff with Git. Branching, fetching, rolling over and playing dead, etc. (Arf arf.)
  3. Learned that you can work on Subversion repositories using Git!

For now, I'm just getting my feet wet by hacking on the comments extension for Radiant CMS. Once I get the hang of it, I might try using git-svn to work on Rubygame in its Subversion repo. And maybe, just maybe, if that works out well, I'll consider migrating Rubygame's repo to Git / Github. Maybe.

By the way, did you know that Rubygame has almost 1000 commits in its Subversion repository, dating back to December 4, 2004? (Hrmm, 1000 commits sounds more impressive when it's not spread out over 3½ years. How does 325 commits since Rubygame 2.2.0, December 19, 2007, sound? Sounds like progress to me.)

Anyway, it's at revision 995 right now. I'll probably do some sort of commemorative post when I commit #1000. Y'know, because I'm all sentimental, and stuff.

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