Cloje Status Update (Taking Time Off)

What's been going on with Cloje lately? Here's the short version:

Immutable data structures

As you can tell from previous posts (1, 2), I did a lot of thinking and planning about how to add immutable data structures to Cloje. (Perhaps too much thinking and planning.)

Immutable data structures are a very important part of Clojure, and a really good idea in general, so I really want to have them in Cloje. And I know that the longer I wait to add them, the more disruptive a change it will be, both in terms of impact on users, and implementation effort required (because there will be more functions in Cloje to update).

So, I wanted to at least add placeholder types, to get the internal and external APIs nailed down as soon as possible. The placeholder types would just be wrappers around existing, mutable types. Users can't touch the underlying data, so they are effectively immutable. Then, we can come back later to make the implementation more efficient, without disrupting any functionality.

It was a decent plan. Do just enough planning and work now, so that the path is clear and smooth for the future. Unfortunately, I underestimated how much of a slog it would be.

There are four types that I had plans to create placeholder types for: vectors, hash maps, lists, and strings. I decided to start with strings first, because although there were a lot of functions to update, most of them were simple and isolated from the others, so I could just knock them out one by one, and the mini-accomplishments would hopefully keep my momentum and motivation up.

Implementing the placeholder types themselves is easy. They're just records (structures) with a slot to hold a host-type value, and a handful of functions for safely working with them. It's also pretty straightforward to update most functions. Just convert or extract the internal value, perform the existing operation on it, and wrap the result.

The slog comes from three things:

I was initially anticipating each type to take 1-2 weeks, so my hope was to get at least strings and lists done for Cloje 0.3, and still have time/energy for some small features, maintenance, and project management. But strings by themselves took over 3 weeks before I stopped, and there's still more work to do. And it drained a lot of my motivation to work on the project, which interfered with project management and recruitment. That one "feature" effectively consumed an entire release cycle, and it's still not done yet, so there's nothing to ship. Ugh.

In hindsight, attempting immutable data structures at this stage in the project was a bad decision. They are not fun to work on, and there's no big pay-off when finished. It was also a bad idea to attempt them while still being the only person on the project, since there was no one to help shoulder the burden, nor even to commiserate with. Plus it's not an exciting feature that would help attract contributors or users, so it doesn't push the project forward.

So, even though I know that postponing it will mean more total work to implement immutable data structures later, it's just not practical to do it now. The work I put into immutable strings will be left in a branch, but I'm putting it and the other immutable types aside, at least for now.

Taking some time off

Cloje started as an experiment, to see how closely Clojure could be cloned on top of Scheme, and just as importantly, to have fun and learn by doing it.

It has now been about 6 months, and the results of the experiment have been mixed. I have learned a lot, and had some fun, and successfully cloned many superficial Clojure features. But there has also been a lot of frustration, disappointment, and lowering my sights regarding cross-cutting features and general compatibility with Clojure.

I have had a lot of questions about this project on my mind lately:

Right now, my instinct is to say, "Well, it was an interesting experiment, but it's not worth continuing. Best to just wrap it up and move on." But there's a chance that's just burnout talking. So, I'm going to take a month off from the project to recharge and reflect, then revisit these questions in late September.

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