Nice-FFI 0.1

I'm pleased to announce a small helper library I've created, Nice-FFI. It sits on top of Ruby-FFI and makes certain things easier and more convenient. Nice-FFI started out as helper classes I made for Ruby-SDL-FFI (which is coming soon), but I decided to generalize it and make it its own library so that other people might get some benefit from it.

Even though it's still young, Nice-FFI already has some useful features:

All of the features are described in detail, with examples, in the docs (see especially docs/usage.rdoc, in addition to the class and method docs).

Nice-FFI is still young, though. So while I'd love for people to play around with it and give me feedback (and patches!), it's probably not quite ready for prime time yet. It's still under development, so the API may change suddenly. But if you are willing to tweak your code from time to time, I think you'll find Nice-FFI to be very helpful. (Otherwise, just wait until 1.0, when the API stabilizes.)

You can get Nice-FFI:

Please send bug reports and feature requests to the issue tracker on Github.

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