Migrating projects to Git

I've been using Git for a few weeks now, and it is friggin awesome. It is both the bees knees and the cat's pajamas. I love the local commits, the branching, the stashing, the lightweightness of it. It has improved my workflow a lot. I'm not afraid to make lots of small commits anymore, because I'm doing everything in branches (so I don't mess up ‘trunk’), and I'm doing it locally (so no one would even notice if I messed up ‘trunk’, anyway).

So now, I want to use it for all my personal projects! The trouble is, they're all in a Subversion repository. That is, one Subversion repository, with a dozen or so projects in it. Eep! Fortunately, it's a piece of cake to migrate specific directories from a Subversion repository, into their own Git repositories! You don't have to migrate the whole thing and then trim it down, which is what I worried I might have to do.

I followed Jon Maddox's invaluable guide, and it worked like a charm. You can even convert the Subversion user names to Git's name & email style. Joy!

Now the only trick is to set up public access to the repositories that I want. I'm on shared hosting, so I fear that git-daemon is infeasible, and I don't feel like putting every little project up on Github. I'll probably have to fall back on HTTP access, which I hear is considerably slower. Ah well, such is life.

P.S. Yes, I'll probably migrate + Githubbify Rubygame eventually, but there are a number of issues to sort out first.

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